Introducing Myself.


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Jul 15, 2008
Hi all,
this is Varun Verma from Punjab, currently staying in Delhi.. working as a Product manager in an Insurance broking firm..
I have joined 15mins back..
reason for joining: want a home theatre for my PS3..
hope i'll get all my answers.. here..
Hi Varun, welcome to the forum.
I hope you find it interesting & useful, both for knowledge abt the subject & also for striking up friendships wuth people with similar hobbies.
As for HT, its a hot topic;if you spend some time browsing, you'll discover many threads with information to address your needs.
An active member, Vinay has arguably the best HT in India!
So post away & have fun!

Varun a hearty welcome to this wonderful forum ! hope you'll have great time here !!

Anything you need just shoot ! folks here are too kind turn down any help request !!

thank u guys...
If u can help me pls guide me to the threads where i can get basic info regarding HTs.. right now all i know abt HTs is that it has a big central woofer with 5, 6 or 7(i've read even 10) speakers..
I need my HT to be connected with 55" Sony 3lcd projection tv. I spend most of the time playing ps3 or watching movies through an archos 504 cable tv, st top box....
but the biggest issue is that my room is huge, about 20 X 12 X 12 feet.. and its not designed keeping acoustics in mind..
so pls let me know if i should start a new thread? if yes where there are subsections under HT section as well..

I see an abrupt ending to your thread. Have you got the information you needed?

Hi Friends,

I am Sunil Shah, working with a Travel agency. Joined up as I was starting from scratch to by an audio system.

I was planning to buy Marantz PM7001 WITH CD 6002. Needed a suitable pair of floorstanders.

Hopefully this fraternity could help out.

Sunil, it depends on how deep your pocket is? Both components are very good and can run speakers much expensive than their own range!
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