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Nov 23, 2007
Hello Freinds,

Firstly let me Thank Mr.Vinay Grover from Powai Mumbai (A Man with Amazing knowledge and taste on High End Audio Video Systems and a Great Client using our product Krishtech Multi Cord Binder which is used to organize various messy wires and cables of his Hi End Systems.

Lets me introduce our company profile and our range of products supplying all over the Globe.

KRISHA IMPEX is a privately owned company, dedicated solely to the Imports, sales and marketing of KRISHTeCH MULTI CORD BINDER? and KRISHTeCH MULTI CORD PROTECTORS in India. We have over 52 years experience in the chemicals and same line and have an excellent distribution network in place.

KRISHTeCH MULTI CORD BINDER? is a unique accessory, which is used to organize various messy wires and cables, resulting in Neat and Presentable Workstation. A Strong High Quality Unbreakable Polypropylene Cover with the Clipper included. It is Heat Resistance, Highly Flexible, Reusable and Safe Guards from Rodent. It Protects wires from Dirt, Accident & Damages, Resulting in a well managed cable system with just one Binder. It Raises the Level of Safety around the Machinery & Equipment. It is widely used in Computer Training Room, Modular Workstation, Laptop, CCTV Surveillance & Security Systems, Data Server Rack Network, Hi End Audio/ Video Installations, Home Theater, Plasma Screen, Hospital Equipments, Dental Chair, T. V. Cabinets, LCD Projectors, Telecom & Office Equipments, ATM Machine, Panels or wherever there are number of wires connecting various gadgets.

KRISHTeCH MULTI CORD PROTECTORS is a unique floor accessory a strong High Quality Unbreakable Rubber Cover which is used to organize various messy wires and cables on the floors of Hotel Banquets, Studios, Hospitals, Events, Dental Chairs, Exhibitions, Trade shows, Sound Recording Studios, Factories??

For a live demo you can visit our website
Any further query you can always post us or email on [email protected].
Best Regards

Manoj Agarwal
Manoj Ji, thank you very much for the kind words, the theatre turned out so much the better because of the good products i put in my theatre, like your multi cord binder, your product is so unique, that it has addded grace to my theatre, i just imagine how ugly would the wires look, without your binders, let me tell you where all i have used your binders :

For all 5 speakers
For Av equipments, dvd player and receiver
For Laptop to Projector
For projector
For Projector's lift
For Bose system
For Dalite screen, 84 inches
For both of my laptop's
For HI-Fi, wireless internet connections

Manoj, even if i had to pay double the price, i would have paid, because your product is the product, i personally feel that there should be a law, that all hi fi equipments should have your binders, anyone caught without your binders should be fined by the court

Manoj, you did a good thing by registereing on this site, i strongly belive that you will benefit from it, keeping in mind the write up you have written, and you are also talking about the live demo.

Manoj, you will not know how wonderfull is your product, till and until you come to my house to see the theatre.

Best Wishes

Dear Vinayji,

Thanks for your great appreciation, we are very much honoured and feel good that our product Krishtech Multi Cord Binder has helped you to remove all the cluttered cables and wires mess. Please do let me know incase you need further help. Thanks for your remarkable words used towards our product. We have created a great goodwill thru our branded krishtech used by most of tHE USERS.

Best Regards,
Manoj Agarwal
Manoj Ji, you deserve the appreciation, your dedication is also very high, i have seen that you are there at all the major exhibitions displaying your product, in-fact on this site, there are some dealers, distributors of av equiipments, maybe some of them will catch up with your product.

Thank you
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