Panasonic DMP BD60


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Sep 9, 2009
Hi Fellow Members,

I'm getting this model for 22k(MRP 25k) form the Panasonic Brand Shop showroom which will be made region free for Bluray's through it's remote (no HW modification required). Any info/critics on this.

My doubt is with region freeing done with the remote, will it work properly??? As opposed to region freeing done with HW mod.

Some tips would help!!!!!


P.S:- I'm not sure of the cost of making a remote region free, but the sales person tell's it will be done at no extra cost. I mean, is it that simple or is the sales person being generous to their customers.:indifferent14:
the funda that i've learnt from these very forums is that although you can make some BD players region free through remote based hacks, generally firmware updates come along and wipe that out, and then you'll be stuck, or left to hunt for another remote based hack, which is why people like going for a chip based hack which cannot be over-ridden by firmware updates.
The sales man doesn't know anything and is misguiding you to sell the product, as of yet there are no remote code avaliable for the model in question to make it multi region for BD playback, and yes there is a universal remote code hack avaliable online to make it multiregion for just DVD playback. But as Phyco has pointed out all these soft hacks are wiped off with a new firmware upgrade and you will have to do it as new BDs would have newer version of the JAVA software so a player needs contineous firmware upgrades to play that disk.
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