Support for faulty DVD


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Nov 13, 2008
I was playing my 'Dark Knight' DVD and it seems to get stuck in the same scene - Tunnel chase scene. There are no visible scratches on the DVD. Does anyone know if Big Home Videos has a returns policy like Excel Videos?

Are there some other troubleshooting steps I need to do? Havent faced this in an original DVD before.
Was it playing perfectly before?
Sometimes DVDp can have problem if the scene is present(on disc)where time to change DVD layer(DL).
Playing it for the first time yesterday. Does Big Home Video have a support number that one can call and ask for a replacement?
If you have bought it recently then its best to take it to the place from where you bought it, along with the original invoice. Generally all these stores like Planet M, Music world or Laserland have the return policy if the product is defective.
I thought I should close the loop. I sent a mail to Big Home Videos and got a reply that I could exchange it with the merchant if the original packaging was intact. So went to Crossword who exchanged but had to talk my way through it as I didnt have the bill. However, this disk also had the same issue, so got it re-replaced.

Not sure if my dvd player is the culprit, but cant believe, two faulty dvds of the same movie.
Check the dvd with some other dvd player. Thats the best way to know what is wrong
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